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Aims and Scope

The American Journal of Combinatorics (AJC) is a double-blind refereed online journal. AJC publishes research articles, notes, and surveys in all branches of combinatorics as well as articles related to combinatorics. AJC was established to support growing research on combinatorics all over the world and to create a free online research publishing platform that is accessible to all.

For submission instructions and information regarding the editorial process, go to submission.

Copyright Policy

The authors of a published article retain the copyright of the article which is released to AJC under the CC BY 4.0 International License to publish it on the AJC website. This copyright information is embedded on each published article.

Repository Policy

The authors of a published article can post the published version of the article anywhere, in particular, their institutional websites, ResearchGate, arXiv, Google Scholar.

Publication Ethics

Publication Malpractice Statement

A submitted or published manuscript may be retracted if it violates any policy or ethics of AJC. In particular, if the work was plagiarized or if it was partially published in another journal, the article will be retracted. Authors of a manuscript retracted by AJC will be banned from publishing any manuscript in AJC in the future.

Journal Maintenance

The Editor-in-Chief and the Managing Editor are responsible for the following: